Lanka: The Prologue

LANKA PROLOGUE Lanka ... The land where once a great battle waged between good and evil .  Evil .... Ravana, the great Rakshasa king , might have been evil to the eyes of most humans, but the only true mistake he ever made was to lay his hands on another mans wife , a moment of weakness and his pride to blame for the rest of his actions. However, to the Rakshasas he was a leader par excellence and the only one who could command the vast forces of Lanka. Ravana  faced defeat at the hands of Rama and his forces. It was considered his destiny to die at the hands of the Rama - the lord himself in human form .  After Ravana's defeat, Vibhishana , his brother , was entrusted with the throne of Lanka and under his leadership emerged the brave and just Rakshasa clan called the Lankans. However, it was only a matter of time before Surpanakha , the treacherous sister of Ravana assassinated Vibhishana and took over the throne of Lanka. Her master plan reveals itself - Sita's (Rama's w

LANKA - An Epic on Stage

Get ready for an audio-visual feast in the month of March and April! Agni Productions is gearing up to present a one of a kind stage production called Lanka - An Epic on Stage . Lanka is a unique stage production that combines story-telling, dance and martial arts to narrate an epic tale. The presentation will be entirely in English interlaced with contemporary dance and martial arts and draws inspiration from varied influences. Lanka tells the fictional story about what transpires in Lanka after the Ramayana, the great Indian epic. The production is the brainchild of writer and director Prakash Mohandas – the founder of Agni Productions, a sister concern of Agni - The Dance Company. Prakash has been an active member of the South Asian community in the spheres of dance, theatre and music for several years. Lanka is the confluence of his vision to bring together aspects of various dance styles, martial arts and theatre along with a cinematic feel to the stage. The production will